Management of land

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1.If an applicant passed the alienation of government land and required to pay the premium within three months of receipt of the letter but could not settle the payment within the stipulated period, the applicant can appeal to extend the repayment period?
appeal may be extended provided that the payment will only be considered if the application is submitted before the expiry date of Form 5A. Application is considered void if not paid 5A and appeal is not lodged within the period. If still interested, the applicant must submit a new application (Form Table 1) to be considered again.
2. How can I extend the lease period to 99 years of land or within any particular event that the land was only available for the remaining term of the lease has almost expired?

Actually no further term in the law of the land. Process is only by making the surrender under Section 197 of the National Land Code and apply for re alienated under Section 42 (1) (a) KTN where the lease period is determined by the State (PBN).

3. How to regain lands had already expiry lease term?

For the land lease period has expired, a new application (using Forms Table 1) must be submitted to the Land Office in the county where the land is to be considered again.

4. Who can apply for the land lease period has expired and the original owner has died?

Anyone who stated under Section 43 of the National Land Code (KTN) may apply and will be considered. However, priority will be given to the heirs of the original owner, if any application.

5. How to make a transfer of land?

Transfer of land by completing Form 14A together with relevant documents such as a copy of the identity card provider and the transferee, a letter of authorization from caveat or (if any) or the State, PDS Form 14 of the Inland Revenue Board and the receipt / proof of payment is adequate, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Director of Resolution

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