Bukit Mertajam Forest Park

Bukit Mertajam Forest Park (Cherok To'Kun) is an interesting place to visit. It is located about 18 km from Butterworth and 6 km from downtown Bukit Mertajam (Cherok To'Kun), which by the way to Kulim.

The Forest Park, regularly visited by locals and visitors outside of the state of Kedah and Perak. Has its own charm with their creeks, waterfalls, ponds showers, picnic areas, children's playground and boardwalk views. Bukit Mertajam Forest Park uniqueness can be seen with the presence of various species of flora such as trees Seraya Meranti, Meranti Rambai leaves, tree ferns and forest flowers. While fauna consists of birds, moth and exotic insects.

Various facilities in Forest Park as an area for picnics, campers, jungle walks, swimming baths and accommodation. For those who like a physical challenge activities visitors can try jungle trekking activities. Through these activities, visitors can learn the native forest trees as well as to relax the mind.

For visitors from remote or local who want to feel the atmosphere of the night in the forest environment, may book a 'chalet' existing.

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