Central Seberang Perai District and Land Office(PDTSPT) is a major catalyst in leading the development of the area in the Central Seberang Perai. It is located in the heart of Penang Industrial Development Zone, particularly in the Seberang Perai and generally located in the middle of the corridor North West Development Zone whether from the perspective of North-South or East-West peninsula.

Seberang Perai Tengah district has a complete infrastructure facilities and the best of a communication network system via the North-South and East-West Highway, Penang Port, Bayan Lepas International Airport and the North-South Railway and International Bangkok Network. Besides ,supply can be upgraded according to the needs and capacities in need.

The rapidity of development in the island also has contributed to boost Central Seberang Perai District as a district that operating as robust in real estate development mainly involving residential, commercial and industrial. Furthermore, Central Seberang Perai District also has a Human Development facilities which are good and well organized.

Central Seberang Perai District has an area of ​​236,796 square km and is the 3rd largest district in Penang. The population is estimated at 362.820 people [2010].Various races and backgrounds that inhabit 22 sub-district in Central Seberang Perai which has 4 cities, namely Bukit Mertajam City,Perai City,Perda City, and Seberang Jaya City.

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