District and Land Office Seberang Perai Central (PDTSPT) can be divided into three department, namely the Department of General Administration, Department of Land Management and Development Department.

Management Services Division

Manage the Administration and Finance, and Entertainment Reception, Regional Security, and Management Department of Information Technology for the smooth implementation of the project of divisions and members of District and Land Office Seberang Perai Central.

Land Management Division

Manages all applications relating to the disposal and land development, harvesting the land and enforce the law of the land under the rules and laws of the land that is being adopted and to assist other government agencies to plan, implement and monitor the development of land in Seberang Perai Central.

Development Division

Designing, implementing and monitoring projects and programs Physical Development and Community Development in Seberang Perai Central district so that harmony and well-being of society in Seberang Perai Central enhanced.

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